What is AgrEGG©:

  • It is a product entirely developed by the Prodigys Group and therefore it is entirely customizable.
  • It is web based, optimized for being used with PCs and tablets.
  • The powerful calculation engine, starting from different data sources (Analytics, Databases, offline, etc.) can elaborate mathematical formulas aimed at building statistics and charts in order to measure and monitor the company KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), such as traffic, revenues, social traffic, conversions, ecommerce data, etc., from websites and every other database or useful data source.
  • The basic data from heterogeneous sources are represented in aggregate form and further elaborated to provide, through the construction of dashboards, instant legibility and fully customizable statistics.
  • Dashboards can be built and customized in complete autonomy through the configuration panel of AgrEGG©. Software development is not needed to meet any new demand.
  • Specific dashboards can be built, aimed at specific themes (social actions, e-commerce, ad-word campaigns, revenues, goals, visitors, contents, marketing, CRM, etc.).
  • Different levels of access rights can be assigned to users. Each dashboard can be made visible to a selection of users defined by the administrators.
  • Being AgrEGG© a highly configurable tool, its capabilities and applications are in principle infinite.
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