Installation and update

The application is based on python and PostgreSql.

The installation is pretty simple and it is fully “dockerized”

docker build -t builder .
docker-compose -f up
sudo docker exec -it agregg_web_1_68f40fbf6075 "bash"
./ run

the application will be up and accessible via port 8000

If you want to install in your local machine be sure to install all required packages, that you can see in the “Dockerfile”. Then just create an empy db, create the .env file and run the command ./ run


On local folder move into master branch, then run the command ./ In production server run the command ./

Usage: ./ branch=[“master”] [version=””] env=[“dev”] site=[]


  • version: is the specific tag
  • env: is the environment (if dev == production “touch reload” will be performed, if dev == lab “sudo service apache2 reload” will be performed ). The default id “dev”, so collected static will not be performed.
  • site: is the .env specific information. If it is not empy a symlink will be created with the following command: “ln -sfn agregg/[site].env .env”
  • branch: the branch name for release, the default is “master”