AgrEGG© Changelog:


  • The DWH now contains also data from inactive business units
  • The DWH export API has a time-based cache to improve performance when the same query is performed more times in a row
  • Option to auto create new users logging wih SAML, and giving them basic permissions
  • Fixed shares with permission filters: the recipient cannot see more data than the sender
  • A warning message is displayed on tabular reports in case of timeout
  • Option to prevent downloading of data if not certified
  • More advanced configuration for auto generated filters
  • Buttons in import pages deactivated after clicking to prevent double clicking
  • New placeholder in formula __MONTHNUMBER__
  • People picker with list of email addresses to send share
  • Option to allow KPIs filtered by data view to be further filtered by right-menu data view filters


  • Option to allow a finite number of concurrent imports for each Business Unit
  • Share can be edited by the creator, and forwarded by receivers
  • DWH export can be filtered by KPIs


  • Option to allow share view only to user logging in with SAML.
  • Option “Show only full data series” for tabular reports
  • New role Webtour editor
  • Tabular report can show multiple traffic lights for KPI analytics


  • Improved graphics and UX
  • App to tranfer data form custom models to default AgrEGG models
  • In bar graphs data can be ordered by an external KPI not plotted
  • Bar graphs can now add the total for a given drilldown, and/or show the percentage on the total


  • Permission filters reworked and are now working as intended
  • DWH export via API
  • Users without role editing cannot modify users with this role and cannot assign groups with this role
  • Admin user cannot be disabled
  • Option to deactivate normal login, and to redirect automatically to SAML login
  • Edit KPIs can set measure K/M/B
  • A graph can be transformed to all graphs suporting the same number of shown KPIs
  • Can add validation warnings after import
  • Interactive machine learning plots with linear, Holt WInters, ARIMA fits
  • Blacklisted filter items can have an initial period of blackilisting
  • Kpi titles can format any number of years eith %Y_0%, %_1%, etc., not only one
  • Import checks now include allowed filter combinations
  • Option to block descendant creation for filter items
  • Fix pivot table with mixed nodes
  • KPI list and import manual can now be shared


  • Added power point personalizable for each dashboard
  • Added import phases on top with all the speps necessary to fully finalize the Import
  • Import UX improvements: auto complete import form if only one selection available
  • Import UI improvements
  • Added downlodable excel with errors in import phases
  • New Zoom button for tables: Table fo full screen
  • Drill down table: fixed header now available
  • Tabular report per row: it is possible to set scale out and “FREE” kpis tabular reports


  • Change Login page UX and UI
  • On row click on table report an info modal with details will appear
  • Share dashboard: add remarks field and expiring date
  • Data quality (overview availability): add total with rows and added a flag to KPIs so to considere them full available although just one item exist