AgrEGG© Changelog:


  • Change Login page UX and UI
  • On row click on table report an info modal with details will appear
  • Share dashboard: add remarks field and expiring date
  • Data quality (overview availability): add total with rows and added a flag to KPIs so to considere them full available although just one item exist


  • Added power point personalizable for each dashboard
  • Added import phases on top with all the speps necessary to fully finalize the Import
  • Import UX improvements: auto complete import form if only one selection available
  • Import UI improvements
  • Added downlodable excel with errors in import phases
  • New Zoom button for tables: Table fo full screen
  • Drill down table: fixed header now available
  • Tabular report per row: it is possible to set scale out and “FREE” kpis tabular reports