In all the templates:

{% load i18n %}

{% trans "Reset Filters" %}
{% trans myvar %}

In py files see:

Compiling message files

django-admin makemessages -l <it> --ignore=<venv>

Then navigate to “/rosetta/” and translate all missing translations.

After you create your message file – and each time you make changes to it – you’ll need to compile it into a more efficient form, for use by gettext. Do this with the django-admin compilemessages utility.

django-admin compilemessages -l <it> --ignore=<venv>

Creating message files from JavaScript source code

django-admin makemessages -d djangojs -l it --ignore=venv/* --ignore=node_modules/* --ignore=underscore-min.js/* --ignore=admin_jsi18n.js --keep-pop

keep-pot option is only for debug purpose

For js translation have a look in official django documentation: