It is possible to keep track of the temporal variation of both filters and data.

The functionality is available via the /admin interface for filters and when importing data via WebAPI.

For filters it is enough to enter a JSON like (see attributes):

        "dt_end": 20180101,
        "dt_start": 20180531,
        "ver_text": "Version 1"

where “dt_start” and “dt_end” are the validity dates of the given filter item or attribute (put 0 in “dt_start” for “since forever” and 9999999 in “dt_end” for “from now on”).

For data, just pass the field “new_version_start_date” > 0 to:

  • set the end_validity_date = new_version_start_date – 1 day for the current version,
  • import the new version with start_validity_date = new_version_start_date.

Among filters it is possible to select the date at which calculations have to be performed. To enable this choice, set to 1 the key IMPORT_VERSION_ENABLED in Custom Configs. Default is Last version, which means using the latest available data.